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19.11.13 Chartwell to attend Zimbabwe Music and Arts Awards

Chartwell Dutrio has been invited to give a talk about his inspirational practice and details of the Mhararano Mbira Academy and perform some music on the Mbira at the Zimbabwe Music and Arts Awards 2013 that is taking place at the end of this month.

The event is aimed at rewarding and recognizing Zimbabweans who have done well in music and the arts, and who generate positive images of the country in the United Kingdom.

Masimba Makasi from ZIMAA UK said
“Mr Dutiro is an ambassador of Zimbabwean arts as evidenced by his work promoting mbira music and Zimbabwean culture in the United Kingdom. Through his work, he has managed to transcend various attitudes about African culture and has proudly flown the flag of Zimbabwe ensuring mbira music is recognised all over the world. Therefore we are kindly requesting him to grace us with his presence.”

Posted by admin on 19/112013 at 12:53pm