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05.12.13 NEW CD to launch in January 2014


Chartwell Dutiro has collaborated with German musicians Elmar Pohl and Sebastian Pott (Chipindura Mbira Trio)  to produce a new double album entitled Pasichigare.

Talking about the process Chartwell said,

“This is my first double album recording in my life. I feel that the sound of mbira is so special because this mbira tuning is the one I grew up playing and it is the first time I have recorded it. We call it Dindinyongwe village tuning. Dindinyongwe is the name of the mountain back home in the village I was born and raised.
The journey began back in September 2012 when we came up with the idea of collaborating to make a CD.  The only time we could all get together in a recording studio was going to be a year later, so we set the dates! We hired a brilliant guitarist friend who is also an excellent sound engineer Christopher Morphitis to be involved too.
Earlier this year, Chris and I travelled to Cologne/Bonn. Sebastian had already booked a room at an Anglican church near where he lives in a small village called Much. During the recording I found myself totally uplifted.  I had a feeling that the spirits of my ancestors were around in the room. 
Over the last year the three of us had been preparing a number of variations of mibra parts. That is about as much planning as I had done! I did not write any lyrics down at all, we just went freestyle, seeing where the songs would take us. I surprised myself with what we came out with, the sounds were pure and organic. I found voices inside the mbira and projected them out and loud. When we finished recording I had to sit down with a pen and paper to write down the Shona lyrics I had sung. After that we translated the lyrics from Shona to English and German.
This double CD is Mystic Mbira Music of Shona people of Zimbabwe. Enjoy the journey. The Wind of Change.”


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